Frequently asked questions

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Why this School?
Are the children orphans?
What is the total number of children enrolled in Serang Primary School?
Can I present my child with a gift?
Can I securely deliver items to the school?
Why is the cost of educating a monk lower than that of a boarding student?
Why do you only offer grades upto 10?
Why aren't there any nuns at the school?
During my time in Nepal, what can I bring to the school that would be beneficial for the children?
Someone I know is planning a trip to Nepal. Is it permissible to visit the school?
Can I help in any other way?


Why donate?
Are donations tax-deductible?
Can I contribute books, clothing, medicines, or school supplies?
Where does my donation go? What are you currently collecting funds for?


Why Partnership?
I would like to offer my assistance! How can I become a volunteer at your educational institution?
Are you recruiting? Can I become a part of your team?
What is the connection between the Serang Monastery and the Serang Primary School?


Why Sponsor?
Are we permitted to visit the children at Serang School in Nepal?
How much does it cost to support a child for a year?
If I plan to support a child, for what duration do I need to provide sponsorship for the child?
I'm concerned that I won't be able to support a child throughout their entire education. Can I still help?
For me, a full sponsorship is too much. Can I still help you?
Am I permitted to take in one of the children at Serang school?
Can I initiate my fundraising campaign?

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