Empowering children of the Himalayas

We help Himalayan children in reaching their full potential by offering them resources and high-quality education.

Creating opportunities for achievement through high-quality education

We are raising generations of wise, loving, compassionate, and environmentally conscientious individuals who will benefit their families, communities, and country.

How can you help

Enable us to improve the lives of Himalayan children.

We provide the children with a balanced curriculum that provides rewarding and stimulating activities to prepare them for the future.

Your Impact

How your gift will help our children

You have the power to change things. When you donate, you become a part of a community that is committed to empower the lives of these kids.


We ensure that children receive a high-quality education. The curriculum is updated to reflect the fast-paced world we live in.


Every kid at the school receives basic healthcare services, making sure of a happy and healthy childhood.


We provide two uniform sets per year, in addition to clothing provided by charitable organizations or individual donors.


We provide our children with nutritious meals so they never have to worry about where their next meal will come from.


We provide comfortable rooms for both students and staff members, as well as kitchen facilities and full-service lodging.


We are increasingly challenged by our present building due to the increasing number of students. We are constantly expanding.

Your Impact

Change the life of a child by sponsoring them


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Ways to get involved

There are so many ways you can support Serang in our mission to create a society where all children are able to reach their full potential and thrive.

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Support us

Donate one time or monthly to make an impact in children lives

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Sponsor a child

Sponsor a child and make meaningful connection with them.

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Work with us

Join forces with us so that we can transform the lives of children together.

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To get the most recent updates on our work and to find out how you can assist Serang School.

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