Together we can achieve more

We collaborate with our Partners to create activities that are advantageous to both sides and have a big influence on the lives of these children.

Why work with us?

We collaborate closely with our works to create experiences that are mutually beneficial and have a profound effect on the lives of these children.

  • Increased visibility and positive branding for the organization.

  • Help break the cycle of poverty by providing free education to children in the Himalayas

  • Make a meaningful difference in the lives of Himalayan children

  • Contribute to building a resilient future for the Himalayan region

Interesting collaborating with us?

Here are some ways you can help, we’re open to your ideas as well

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We are open to any projects relevant to quality education that inspire, engage and motivate students and teachers.

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We welcome local and international volunteers preferring a minimum of 3 months where they can engage and connect with the children.

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We associate with organizations to support school planning, fundraising,and volunteerism.

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Gifts of any kind like food, clothes, educational materials, medical and other basic needs are greatly appreciated.


Organizations that are supporting us

Friendship FAQs

Why Partnership?
I would like to offer my assistance! How can I become a volunteer at your educational institution?
Are you recruiting? Can I become a part of your team?
What is the connection between the Serang Monastery and the Serang Primary School?

Let’s talk

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