Sponsor a child and change life for better

Your generous monthly donation of 100 USD will provide the child you are sponsoring access to modern education, healthcare, clothing, meal, and housing, as well as important life skills.




Don’t know whom to sponsor?

We can help you choose a child for you. We'll find a child in need who will benefit greatly from your generosity.

How does my sponsorship support a child?

Your support can provide them with the resources and opportunities they need for a brighter future

  • A sponsorship can provide a child with access to quality education

  • It ensures that a child receives nutritious meals that will help them grow

  • By supporting a child, you are also supporting their family, their school, and the local economy.

What will the children get for $100/month?

Healthy Food

Modern Education

Warm Clothing

Medical Care

Cozy Accomodation

Personal Connection with you

Sponsoring FAQs

Why Sponsor?
Are we permitted to visit the children at Serang School in Nepal?
How much does it cost to support a child for a year?
If I plan to support a child, for what duration do I need to provide sponsorship for the child?
I'm concerned that I won't be able to support a child throughout their entire education. Can I still help?
For me, a full sponsorship is too much. Can I still help you?
Am I permitted to take in one of the children at Serang school?
Can I initiate my fundraising campaign?

Other ways to help

We appreciate contributions that support our mission. Learn how you may contribute in a meaningful way.

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Let us find someone for you

Please take a moment to fill out the form, we'll find a child in need who will benefit greatly from your generosity.