January 14, 2024

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Tsering Lhagyal Lama, born on July 03, 2016, in the picturesque village of Titur, Bihi–5, Chumnubri, Gorkha, Nepal, represents a bright beacon of hope. With his admission on April 18, 2022, under admission number M025, he embarked on the journey of knowledge at a tender age. As a young male student in the kindergarten grade, Tsering Lhagyal Lama symbolizes the promise and potential within the realms of education. May his academic endeavours be filled with growth, curiosity, and joy, marking the beginning of a meaningful educational journey.

In the heart of Titur village, amidst tales of hardship carried by the winds and a Bihi valley that cradles a handful of houses against all odds, dwells a soul named Tsering Lhagyal. His story unfolds in the grip of extreme weather, amidst unforgiving wild animals, and on lands too barren for the seeds of hope to take root.

Born into a family bound by the chains of poverty, Tsering's father toils as a servant, navigating the threads of survival by working in others' houses. Yet, his hands have never felt the legacy of ancestral lands or the comfort of generational wealth. The harsh truth of a relentless background paints a canvas vivid with strokes of desperation.

His mother, too, comes from a lineage marked by scarcity. Bound by the struggle for daily survival, she, like Tsering's father, serves others to carve out a precarious existence. Their union, never sanctified by marriage, gave birth to Tsering, an "illegitimate child" by local tradition. In a world where poverty reigns, the unwritten rule assigns responsibility based on gender, yet they, with nothing to offer, turn away from the child early on, forced by circumstance.

Days pass in the shadows of hunger, with no proper roof overhead. Tsering's parents lead solitary lives, untouched by matrimony. In a village where relatives often turn a blind eye to "illegitimate children," Tsering found refuge in Serang Gonpa and Serang School.

In April 2021, with the blessings of Venerable Tulku Karma Rinpoche, he became a monk, a path chosen for a better future. A year later, Serang Primary School embraced Tsering as a Dayscholar monk student, offering care, education, and compassion. For the first time, his life was adorned with clothing, filled with food, attended to by medical care, and enriched by education. The Serang community became family, stitching together the tattered fragments of his early years.

Now in Kindergarten, Tsering, once marked by a rough childhood, unveils an introverted character around seniors but blossoms into a talkative spirit with friends, a testament to the transformative power of love.

In November 2023, the Serang community migrated to Bihi School for a more suitable environment, radiating warmth in the chilly winds of adversity.

In 2022, 24 monks found solace, and in 2023, the number swelled to 41. The seeds of hope planted in their hearts are nurtured by the Serang community, which expects 12 more monks in the coming year.

Tsering Lhagyal's tale, etched in Titur's desperate landscapes, transcends poverty, painting resilience, care, and a yearning for a brighter future. May compassion guide his journey, inspiring others to lend a helping hand in adversity.

“My name is Tsering Lhagyal.I study in K.G. I like the Serang Monastery. I also appreciate Serang Primary School. I enjoy eating the tasty meals served at school. I put on some warm clothes. I like our Rinpoche because he gives us sweets. I have a lot of school friends. I love playing with my friends" – Tsering Lhagyal

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