Construction of five toilets and three bathrooms for the Serang Branch School

June 22, 2023

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SERANG SCHOOL IS IN DIRE NEED OF HELP! We, the Serang School Committee are reaching out to generous donors to help build three bathrooms and five toilets for the Serang Branch School, Shree Gumba Himali Primary School in Bihi village.

With the assistance of kind European benefactors, this project began in 2022 to construct three building blocks. In September 2023, the contractor is required to complete block B's construction. By 2025, Blocks A and B should be finished yearly. In October 2023, we'll hold a grand opening ceremony for Block B. Then, our lower classes children will relocate to the Bihi School. Due to a lack of funding, we haven't built any bathrooms or toilets. We requested help from the ward office, but we were not given it. We are therefore appealing to the kind benefactors for their support to construct the necessary restrooms and toilets. 

The structure is shaped like an L. The five restrooms each measure 6 feet by 5 feet by 10 feet in height. Additionally, bathrooms should be 6 feet wide by 10 feet long by 10 feet in height.

Prior to the event in October 2023, this project must be finished. Please help us in achieving our objective.  Our capacity to accomplish this aim can be significantly impacted by a gift of a generous wish amount. Your participation and contribution will significantly impact the situation! Serang School will be able to set the stage for future students' success when kind people like you support our school committee. We are happy to have your help. We guarantee that all of the money you provide will be used solely for construction purposes. Please JOIN TO HELP US RAISE NPR 21,93,420 & USD 16,743.7. We anticipate your kind assistance!

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