Special Biodata: Tenzin Dolma

February 20, 2023

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An orphan Tenzin Dolma; was born and raised in an extremely remote and underprivileged village named ‘Gyayul’ well-known as the ‘Hidden Valley of Nubri in the sacred highlands of the northern Gorkha district of Gandaki zone in Nepal.

An orphan Tenzin Dolma; born and raised in extreme remote and underprivileged village named ‘Gyayul’ well-known as the ‘Hidden Valley of Nubri in the sacred highlands of northern Gorkha district of Gandaki zone in Nepal. 2010 was the year when Tenzin’s mother gave birth to her in a very renowned valley – Nubri, where the great Yogi Jetsun Milarepa meditated in Neijepuk (sacred cave) during his solitary lifetime in the 12th century. In the historical Buddhist scriptures Nubri valley is known as Beyul Kyimolung, the ‘Hidden Valley of Happiness’, identified by the Guru Padmasambhava/Guru Rinpoche, who meditated in various sacred caves in the snowy land of Serang. Nubri is located within the Manaslu Conservation Area, high on the Nepal side of the Tibetan border. So, the culture of Nubri is inseparable from Tibet. Likewise, the majority of locals are ethically Tibetan. The residents speak Tibetan dialects. This valley purely holds the blessing of Guru Padmasambhava. Nevertheless, it is completely undeveloped and inaccessible. Nubri lacks services the rest of the world takes for granted. Food shortage every year since seasonal subsistence farming is only enough for maximum six months out of the year. 

Tenzin Dolma and her younger brother are orphans. Their father passed away a few years ago. He fell down the big cliff and died on the spot. The story of that tragic incident, he went to collect bamboo from the nearby forest. On the way back he blunders down due to his poor eyesight. Like others, Tenzin's parents are alcoholic so they often quarrel and have small fights. With that relevant reason his one eye sight got lost. At home there was no peace. Sadly, Tenzin Dolma was raised in that sort of environment, often neglected and left out cold on empty stomach. After the death of Tenzin’s father, her mother got worse. She kept drinking and destroyed her entire family’s lives and happiness. Yet, her mother was alive but didn’t really exist for the kids. For that specific reason Tenzin’s grandfather took care of them.  Even though he didn't have any source of income. He himself was barely alive; aged and vulnerable. Unfortunately, he was compelling to work for the kids. He then got a job at Serang Gumba since people at this Gumba knew about his actual condition. After a few years, he passed away due to ulcer cancer. With poor economic conditions like him. He couldn’t save himself. Before he passed away, he got both kids admission at Shree Sirangee Gumba Basic school in Serang. Then Tenzin and her baby brother were left alone with their alcoholic mother who is barely surviving herself. Alcohol has already taken her inner soul, just her physical body is alive. Three months ago, Tenzin’s mother suddenly started to have a living relationship with one of the locals. Due to her drinking habit, she died a month ago. She died miserably alone at home by vomiting blood. With the mother not being alive, Tenzin Dolma and her baby brother became orphans. There is no one left who they can truly depend on. Nowhere else to go. There isn’t any place where they can actually call home. These siblings had the worst childhood. They face tons of issues at a very young age. Tenzin, who is 11 years old, has the full responsibility on her shoulders. Her first priority of hers is to take care of her younger brother. 

However, with great luck Tenzin Dolma and her younger brother are in care at our school. Happily, they have well-adjusted to this new brand of school. Where they have enough to eat and a cozy bed to sleep in. Every opportunity and facilities are provided. A place they can actually call home sweet home. The heaven on the earth where kids like Tenzin Dolma can actually build their lives and hope for the better. 


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